Troublesome application holding up your packaging team?

No problem!

Ben Nel, Technical Specialist, has been working with two very different organisations in the past few weeks with one very similar problem - an application that they simply couldn't get to the bottom of.

In Detroit, the IT team of a leading global automotive supplier had spent weeks trying to get Hyperion Essbase working on Citrix ZenApp v6, to no avail. With Quest's ChangeBASE solution set, this application was automatically tested against thousands of  compatibility checks and, within 15 minutes, the offending 16-bit files were identified as the problem.

Next it was over to the east coast, where a not-for-profit integrated health care delivery system had spent a fortnight trying to get Numara Track-It! to work on the target platform. Once again, the automated application compatibility testing offered by the ChangeBASE solution revealed the exact detail of the problem in minutes.

The cost, time and effort savings of Quest's ChangeBASE solution set when compared to manual testing are often remarked upon by our clients and partners. In these recent cases, however, manual testing not only took longer but ultimately could not pinpoint the problem with anything like the accuracy of of the ChangeBASE solution. In some cases the manual option is not just inconvenient, but inadequate.

For more information on how Quest's ChangeBASE solution set simplifies and accelerates the application testing, fixing and conversion process, please take a look round the website. More specifically, an overview of our testing module is available here.

Is an app holding you back? We'd love to here about your application compatibility testing experiences, so please do share your comments.

Thanks for reading!