Q&A with Jon Rolls of Quest Software #2

Jon Rolls talks to Virtual Strategy Magazine about where ChangeBASE fits in the industry.

VSM: Where does ChangeBASE fit in the industry?

JR: ChangeBASE is one of very few players who provide automated assessment of application installers for suitability against different deployment targets. App-DNA (currently in the process of being acquired by Citrix) and Flexera are the only other players who offer a solution that doesn’t require the application to be installed and run. There are free tools, such as the Application Compatibility Tool from Microsoft, that offer some reporting against an application as it runs, but, for an organization with hundreds or thousands of applications, it takes an army of testers to cover all of them with this approach, and then remediation has to be performed manually.

The ChangeBASE approach uses a vast library of rules, collected over years of consulting and customer engagements, to give a rapid, comprehensive analysis of where an application is likely to experience compatibility issues, without the need to install it first! While useful, that information only takes away the guesswork from the IT department, but doesn’t move them any farther forward. The big advantage with ChangeBASE is that it can then automatically remediate many compatibility problems and generate the fixes as a batch process requiring very little administration or input.
Another significant compatibility event occurs on the second Tuesday of every month, when Microsoft releases patches and updates. ChangeBASE also can automatically assess the entire application estate against the newly released patches and alert to possible issues, making for a smoother rollout and tighter security.

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