Q&A with Jon Rolls of Quest Software #4

Jon Rolls talks to Virtual Strategy Magazine about how ChangeBASE accelerates Virtual adoption. 

VSM: How does this accelerate adoption of virtualization technology?

JR: Terminal Server/Session Virtualization is an extremely cost-effective Windows application deployment method that allows for high security and flexibility in device choice. However, a major barrier to its wider adoption has been application compatibility. Many older Windows applications exhibit a number of issues that prevent them from working in a multi-user, server-hosted environment. Many of these issues are easy to fix or work around, but require a skilled administrator or consultant to pinpoint the issues and suggest a fix. ChangeBASE provides a lot of that intelligence, and even the ability to remediate some of those problems and enable greater use of Terminal Server/Session Virtualization, providing for a more dynamic and cost-effective desktop deployment.

VDI has had fewer application compatibility problems historically, but there are still some “gotchas” that ChangeBASE can identify. After the initial wave of excitement about VDI, the enthusiasm for using very simple VDI platforms has been tempered with the realization that a more sophisticated desktop virtualization platform is required, with the ability to solve common application behavior problems in a hosted world. Again, ChangeBASE can help highlight these issues and identify how to get the most benefit from a desktop virtualization platform like Quest vWorkspace.

Application virtualization is a very different technology that also has not quite lived up to its promise. The theory is that by capturing applications in containers, they can be more easily deployed, updated and removed than by using a traditional application installer. The challenge has been that older and badly-behaved applications are not always easily captured inside the virtualization container. ChangeBASE supports four major application virtualization solutions, and can analyze an application for compatibility with all of them, providing the IT department with the information needed to make a successful choice and increase adoption of application virtualization.

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