Virtual Platform of the Week – Microsoft App-V

This post sees Ben Cook complete his comparative application compatibility assessment of virtualisation technologies offered by the four major vendors, made possible by the automated testing functionality of Quest's ChangeBASE solution set. The results reveal how your application estate may react to each technology in very different ways, with significant impact on the success of your project.

Ben has tested the usual set of applications, ChangeBASE AOK 4.1, FileZilla 3.5.1, Google Chrome 14 and Lightroom 3.3 (x64), for compatibility with Microsoft App-V to see how they would behave and function in such an environment. As you can see, ChangeBASE has given all four the go ahead:

VReady-It confirmed the suitability of these applications by successfully converting them into the required virtual format in minutes.

This ChangeBASE blog series has highlighted the difference between the range of virtualisation technologies on offer, and in turn the need to understand how the decision you make will impact your business. Choosing to virtualise is not enough - the benefits of virtualisation may mean little to an organisation who has had to dramatically increase resource budget in order diagnose and fix application problems, or to leave business-critical applications behind due to incompatibility.

Even in the limited scope of the assessments made in this blog series, we have seen application suitability range from 100% to 50%. In the case of our chosen applications, although this is of course not representative of other samples or estates, App-V was identified as most suitable. There are of course other factors to consider, but application compatibility must be assessed in order to ensure a successful migration project.

This is where Quest's ChangeBASE solution set comes in, allowing you to automatically assess the suitability of your application estate with all major virtualisation technologies before choosing which one or combination of these is best suited, and to get your applications converted into the chosen virtual format faster. Please visit the Virtualise-It and VReady-It product pages for more information, or get in contact here.

Thanks for reading!