Q&A with Jon Rolls of Quest Software #1

Jon Rolls talks to Virtual Strategy Magazine about why Quest bought ChangeBASE.

VSM: What is ChangeBASE and why did Quest acquire them?

JR: ChangeBASE is a UK-based company of just over 30 employees that creates and sells software for assessing and remediating compatibility problems with Windows applications on a range of platforms and deployment technologies. ChangeBASE gives you rapid assessment of whether the applications in your organization will work unmodified on Windows 7, on 64-bit Windows, on Terminal Server/ Session Virtualization, and with various application virtualization/streaming technologies. Once the assessment is complete, it offers to automatically remediate many common problems with a range of application installer fixes and automated packaging into application virtualization solutions. In addition, ChangeBASE can assess compatibility issues for Web applications when used with different Web browsers and versions of Internet Explorer.

With the impending end of support for Windows XP in April 2014, application compatibility has suddenly leapt into focus as organizations struggle with a vast sprawl of new and old applications, with no automated way to assess whether they will work on Windows 7 or any of the other application deployment options available. Quest Software (QSFT) is well-established as a leader in migration solutions for Windows customers with industry standard solutions for migrating Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint, and more. The addition of ChangeBASE to the Quest portfolio now puts Quest squarely at the heart of Windows desktop migration, whether it’s Windows 7 or desktop/app virtualization in all its various forms. In addition to Quest’s other desktop management assets in the areas of user, desktop and virtualization management, the company  is building a significant presence in the world of User Workspace Management.

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