The ChangeBASE solution set is now a part of Microsoft StartNow

Calling all ChangeBASE partners!

Quest's ChangeBASE solution set can now be used to test a sample of your client’s applications for the application compatibility section of the Microsoft StartNow, POC Jumpstart and 10 week Production Pilot programs (the last of which which can be used to scope a client's estate of up to 2000 MSIs.)

The ChangeBASE solution automatically tests and remediates client applications for compatibility with Windows 7. In addition, partners delivering the various POC programs will be able to show customers how they could move forward with their IE, Office 2010 and App-V deployment and identify issues or considerations that they should keep in mind (such as how to plan application virtualization with the OS upgrade). 

Software will be provided to AOK Certified partners so that they can deliver the POC onsite.

Why Quest's ChangeBASE solution set?
  • Get 95% of your clients applications working on Windows 7.
  • Reduce the time and cost of migration to a new OS or target platform.
  • Run over 220,000 application compatibility checks in minutes.
  • Automatically the remediate majority of issues found in minutes.
  • Guarantee the quality of packages as with AOK the packages are consistently of the same high quality.
  • Reduce the risk by providing partners and clients with granular information about their application estate to make informed migration and application deployment decisions.

What do the StartNow, POC Jumpstart and Production Pilot programs offer you as a partner?
  • Ability to use AOK to automate the scoping, testing and remediation of a client’s application estate.  
  • Automated Windows 7, 64-bit, Server 2008, RDS, Office 2010, Application Virtualisation and Internet Explorer 8/9 compatibility assessment of a client’s estate saving you huge amounts of time, money and effort.  
  • Automated fixing of a sample of these issues found, further adding to time, money and effort savings as well as differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Provision of a detailed RAG (red, amber, green) report for your client showing which applications may experience problems and which of these can be automatically remediated.
  • Ability to show your clients that application or browser compatibility doesn’t have to be a blocker to the migration to Windows 7, therefore stimulating them to make the Windows 7 migration decision earlier and with more confidence.

For more information please visit the ChangeBASE Jumpstart page, or the Microsoft POC Jumpstart or Production Pilot pages.

To register your interest and generate your licence for the StartNow and POC Jumpstart programmes, please visit the ChangeBASE POC portal once you are AOK certified - if this is not yet the case, you can register for free CBT training here

For the 10 week Production Pilot programme please contact us to request your licence or for further information.